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Name:Charles Monroe
Name: Charles Monroe

Age: (as of ooc date December 2013) 29

Description: Mixed-race skin, dark hair, brown eyes, handsome. Described as 'elegant, well-dressed, with a perfect face and a sheen of urban polish'. Height at 5'10", with a medium and lightly muscular build--enough to keep his body in shape, but he's not going to be entering any strongman contests. He wears professional clothes, what could be called business casual for men: dress trousers, a button down shirt and a tie or vest most days.

Personality: Charles is easygoing most of the time, laid-back and content to let most of the world's conflicts wash over him; such is the way he functions. He's a good friend and able to be trusted with secrets as confidentiality is something he works with every day by dint of his profession. He doesn't like to cause trouble and he doesn't like to be a gossip, not in the least because doing so would lose him a lot of clients in a real big hurry. Being from New York himself, he's very much a city boy and he doesn't do well in solitary or slow-moving places; he's urban to his core and it's easy to see.

He also has no problem with being a hooker and he likes his job, but he will correct you when you call him a whore in insult. He's intelligent, and quick to connect the dots when people talk, but not superhumanly so. But Charles is genuinely a nice guy, if a little flirty sometimes, but he has the charisma necessary to keep it from being creepy. He's cultured, and it shows in both his home and personal style; he likes the better things in life and can afford them on a daily basis.

Things You Need To Know: Charles is an LC, or Licensed Companion. In effect this means he is a prostitute, and if your pup has issues related to the sex industry please PM me before you tag. I will in turn ask you before Charles broaches the subject in a thread.

Muse and mun both over 18.
DISCLAIMER: Oh, so not mine. Charles Monroe belongs to the person and estates of Nora Roberts, under the alias J.D. Robb, and I make absolutely no money from role-playing him in [community profile] wayswithwords and other communities.

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